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the middle of the side is a information

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# 07.05.2020 - 09:10:11

Counterfeit cigarette "hibiscus" design three-dimensional sense is not really strong, there is no small indentation on the border of the golden rectangular shape.
Second, the Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online reverse part of the trademark paper publishing process differences
The original smoke adopts laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, and the hologram will be aimed at different angles to provide "FURONGWANG", " FURONGWANG" as well as "hibiscus flower" respectively.
Once the counterfeit cigarette hologram will be rotated at different perspectives, the pattern is not crystal clear.
Three, small box aspect drawing head and stamping difference comparison
The drawing line of genuine cigarette is really a regular semi-oval shape along with smooth edge. There is no dark font on the drawing twine. There is a round ball noticeable Newport 100s Cigarettes with "burst bead" in the center of the side.
Fake cigarette cable connection head is Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping irregular and clearly large, the edge is tough, the middle of the side is a information service query number, absolutely no "burst bead" mark from the ball.
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